Claudio Cascoschi
Focus point of exhibitions are human beings, men and women, and their relationship with the nature.

The key to this connection is the shape: futuristic buildings, scurrile landscapes, fragments of the human body, fractal views…
  • 2005 Exhibition: „Architecture, People, Portraits, Warp”, Rathaus & Rathaus Café, Usingen
  • 2005 Exhibition: „Sguardi”, Galerie Forum, Usingen
  • 2004 Exhibition: „Eyes”, Restaurant Nove Merli, Usingen
  • 2004 Exhibition: „Architecturer, Nudes and Landscapes”, MS Möbelstudio, Usingen
  • 2004 Exhibition: „Metamorphosis”, Artcafé Macondo, Oberursel
  • 2003 Exhibition: „Irreal, the world, as it appears to us”, Restaurant Nove Merli, Usingen
  • 2002 Exhibition: „Reflections”, for 1200 Years Usingen, „3x Klingeln”
  • 1999 Exhibition: „Scurrile Landscapes”, Café Korkenzieher, Bad Homburg v.d. H.
  • 1998 Exhibition: „Frankfurt 10:15”, Café Karin, Frankfurt am Main
  • 1990-94 Different fotoreportages
  • 1988 Multivision Show Barcelona
  • 1987 Multivision Show 4000 Years Egypt
  • 1973 Book about sport event, University Games in Turin
Coming next
From May 3rd, 2006 Exhibition: Il lago e la luna Black and white or monochrome photographs about the space around us. A trip into the shapes of things Exhibition will take place at Rathaus and Rathaus Café, Usingen Vernissage: May, 3rd, 17:00 o’ clock, entrance free
From February 2nd, 2007 Exhibition: The fifth Element Black and white photographs about the fifth element. A consistent and essential part of our life Exhibition will take place at Picatron Gallery, Usingen Vernissage: Date and time t.b.d.